McChrystal Out, Petraeus In

President Obama firing General Stanley McChrystal today seems all rather anti-climactic after yesterday’s drama.

Couple thoughts:

1. I wonder if the troops will be happy with this decision.

2. I wonder if the buttheads in the administration will get the ax?

3. I bet McChrystal is relieved to be out of that difficult situation.

4. President Obama could have upped the drama quotient by firing McChrystal before talking to him.

5. The Left will be furious about this decision.

6. Everyone needs to get better explaining Afghanistan to the American people. It’s fuzzy.

7. I hope the president stays in touch with Petraeus better. Communication and mutual confidence is key.

There are already calls for McChrystal to say what he knows and to share it.

The troops need to feel supported and free to fight when necessary and to understand restraint and where it’s necessary. It seems that more communication would help both the troops and the citizenry’ morale.

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