No, Pelosi, YOU Show Us the Jobs


Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not take up the Senate’s “doc fix” bill, which passed through the Senate on Friday.:  A letter from Pelosi reaffirms her position and scolds Republicans for blocking the jobs portion of the bill:

“What is it that Republicans in the Senate and House don’t understand about the need for jobs in America? I see no reason to pass this inadequate bill until we see jobs legislation coming out of the Senate. House Democrats are saying to Republicans in the Senate: Show us the jobs!”

It’s humorous to hear Pelosi whine on this—if my memory is correct the Democrats control both Chambers and passed the $787 billion stimulus bill to create ” jobs, jobs, jobs.” : More than one year later, we now know that the “stimulus failed,”: and a second $17 billion stimlus/jobs bill was passed—which: somehow still is not enough.

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So,: we have more than $800 billion in stimulus spending “designed” to create jobs and now Pelosi has the audacity to blame the GOP after the two previous massive, generational-theft: stimulus bills failed.:  Are you kidding, Nan?

Why not release the remaining slush stimulus funds that have yet to be spent or are they really the escrow account you will need before the elections?:  Or are you trying to backfill the failures of the original stimulus, which has proven to be nothing but a big payoff?

Either way, we cannot afford it, and maybe Washington should take a page out of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s book.

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