South Africa to Be Hit With Zimbabwe-Style Race-Based Land Expropriation

Possibly the most fundamental right we have is the right to own property. Without this right, there is either anarchy or slavery. In South Africa, it is being jettisoned in favor of a race-based spoils system:

Parliament approved the Expropriation Bill on Thursday, which would allow state expropriations of land to redress racial disparities in land ownership.

The bill, in the works since 2008, will enable the state to pay for land at a value determined by a government adjudicator and then expropriate it for the “public interest”, ending the willing-buyer, willing-seller approach to land reform.

The African National Congress (ANC) has said the bill, criticised by some opposition parties and farming groups, would tackle injustices imposed during white-minority rule.

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If this sounds familiar, you could be thinking of Zimbabwe, which was known as the Breadbasket of Africa prior to the imposition of similar race-based “land reform.” Now Zimbabwe is known for starvation, tyranny, and hyperinflation.

But there is good news. South Africans will no longer have to watch the savage mobs burning public institutions. The South African Broadcasting Corporation says it will no longer show footage of this widespread phenomenon, lest it encourage more arson.

The public broadcaster also made an “appeal to other South African broadcasters and the print media to stand in solidarity with the public broadcaster not to cover the violent protests that are on the rise”.

Appeals like this won’t be necessary for long. Chances are good that as tyranny continues to congeal in South Africa, non-governmental sources of information will be squeezed out of existence, probably on grounds related to “racism.”

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