Air Force Official Risks Everything to Warn Americans About THIS…

Air Force Official Risks Everything to Warn Americans About THIS…

These days, it’s easy to land yourself in a lot of trouble for simply telling the truth. In the more severe cases, it can even mean your death.

Is it worth risking your reputation, life and livelihood to spill a rather large secret? This guy thought so.


From GOP The Daily Dose:

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Just days after the Brussels terrorist attacks, an official Air Force briefing warned that there is “ a strong potential threat” for America’s enemies to attempt to “shut down its electrical supply for months” either with a physical terror attack or an electromagnetic pulse explosion.

The Washington Examiner read the briefing, and reported that Air Force officials worry that “determined adversaries” like North Korea and ISIS have a motive I undermining America’s power supply.

“Experts have suggested that North Korea, for example, is testing missiles to launch a nuclear weapon from a ship off the U.S. coast into the atmosphere where an explosion could shut off electricity for months through an atmospheric EMP explosion,” the paper wrote.”

This scenario is very possible. As you probably know, North Korea has been experimenting with nuclear weapons and the country doesn’t hide the fact that they want to bomb America with nuclear weapons.

In addition, Air Force officials also warned that there are other elements that could easily take out the United States’ power supply. The power grid’s “aging infrastructure”, a “pattern of increasingly extreme and unpredictable storms and “catastrophic earthquakes” were also cited as events that could potentially leave America without power for months at a time.

The face of war has changed and America needs to be prepared.

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