A Whole Village Pitches In To Save A Terrified Elephant Trapped In A Well

A Whole Village Pitches In To Save A Terrified Elephant Trapped In A Well

We’re talking about the Third World here, so the well in question isn’t the neat little brick-and-mortar structure with a rope and a pail you’re thinking of, and therefore an elephant getting trapped in it is infinitely more logical than your impression would be.

This picture will give you a better idea what we’re talking about. And it will make quite clear the human necessity of getting that elephant out of there before it dies and fouls the water more than it already is…

elephant in a well

An elephant was saved from nearly dying of dehydration after it got stuck in a muddy well in Isiolo, Kenya overnight.

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It took a team four hours to free the terrified mammal who was then given 100 litres of water.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Isiolo, Kenya, posted a video on Facebook that shows the terrified animal having water poured down its trunk using buckets and watering cans.

It was trapped overnight in a muddy well at  Northern Rangelands Trust community conservancy, according to UPI news.

The dehydrated elephant, who was caked in mud, is seen thirstily guzzling down the water.

Once it was given the water, the team – along with the help of members of the community and the use of three cars – managed to pull the elephant out.

The Northern Rangelands Trust and Save the Elephants also lent a hand.

Here’s the video of the rescue. It appears the elephant was pretty cooperative to the folks pouring water out of those cans for him.

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