Six-Year Old With A Rare Genetic Disorder Joins The Navy SEALS For A Day Of Training

This story is a little like the one a couple of years ago about the little Nebraska football fan who got to run for a 69-yard touchdown on the last play of the spring game.

It’s always cool to see the members of high-profile, highly-competitive organizations giving something back to the less fortunate. This fits that to a T.

Mason Rudder has already endured 10 surgeries for a rare genetic disorder that affects his range of motion, but that hasn’t stopped him from dreaming of becoming an elite Navy SEAL one day.

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Navy SEAL Jared Ogden spent a day training Mason. They went through demolition and sniper training, and during their lunch break, Mason led the SEALs on a mission that included detonating a real bomb and clearing three rooms in search of the Taliban leader.

There’s video of this training session…

Let’s face it – Mason’s got a little work to do on his 40-yard dash – but it looks like he’s a world-class marksman already. We wouldn’t bet against this little guy becoming one of our elite warriors someday.

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