Grievance Mongers Scream Racism Over Cheating Little League Team

One day, thanks to social justice warriors, racism will be eradicated. When that day comes, Jackie Robinson West will be given back the Little League title the team lost due to cheating I mean racism.

Obama’s moral compass setter Michael Phleger, a white priest famous for preaching black power politics, has crawled out from under his rock to scream:

“This is a racist attack and racist at the foot of this, and there’s no way I’ll back off from that, none whatsoever.”

Pioneer of racial mau-mauing Jesse Jackson barks:

“This is persecution. This is not right, it’s unnecessary. And it’s not fair.”

Completely unmentioned in the local ABC piece is that the team lost its title not because of racism, but because it cheated:

The Jackie Robison West baseball team who won the American Little League championship last summer was stripped of their title for violating residency rules. The all black team used players from outside the area they represent, building an all-star team in clear violation of the rules everyone else followed. Because of this, the team must vacate all of their wins, forfeit their title, and their coach has been suspended.

But what’s a little cheating when it helps right historic injustices?

So long as they keep getting their way by screaming about racism, there is no reason for grievance mongers to stop, self-respect having been jettisoned in favor of victim privilege long ago. Putting Obama in the White House only whetted their appetite by demonstrating what neurotic white guilt has made possible.

that's racist

On a tip from Christopher T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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