WATCH: Minivan Mom Stops High Speed Chase and Takes Down a Thief!

WATCH: Minivan Mom Stops High Speed Chase and Takes Down a Thief!

What would you do if someone in a high-speed chase with police plowed into your car? For one mom driving a minivan, she took action — pulling the driver out of the car and then berating him until police arrived.

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A high-speed police chase involving a driver in a white Dodge Challenger came to a dramatic end when the driver smashed into a mini-van and other cars at an intersection. He may have still gotten away, but the Mini-Van Mom jumped out of her car and tore into the guy who was twice her size. Then, with the help of another driver, she ripped the suspect from his vehicle and threw him on the pavement where they held him until police arrived moments later. The driver was being pursued by Dallas police for his alleged role in a robbery when he rammed his car into the van.

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After the suspect was taken into custody, the driver he hit could be seen visibly yelling at him.

Confronting a thief who was taking police on a high-speed chase is probably not the smartest thing in the world to do. But it obviously worked out this time, thanks to one very gutsy mom who robbers should know in the future to not cross.

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