Henry Aaron Spews Cultural Marxism

Unless you count the steroid-inflated Barry Bonds, Henry Aaron holds the career homerun record. For this he has been treated like a demigod and showered with awards for decades. But that doesn’t mean he has to be gracious about it. Here he equates the old terrorist wing of the Democrat Party (a.k.a. the KKK) with the modern Republicans who largely constitute his fan base:

“Sure this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he’s treated,” Mr. Aaron told USA Today. …

“We have moved in the right direction, and there have been improvements, but we still have a long ways to go in the country.

“The bigger difference is that back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts,” he said.

When the KKK rides out of the distant past to burn a cross on someone’s yard, who can say for sure that it isn’t Mitt Romney or even Condoleezza Rice under one of those white hoods?

Aaron, who has spent most of his life living like a king, still cherishes hate mail he received more than a generation ago in a pathetic attempt to cling to the belief that he is somehow oppressed.

Here is his proof that blacks are put-upon, even in a culture obsessively devoted to revering them:

“When I first started playing, you had a lot of black players in the major leagues,” he said, USA Today reported. “Now you don’t have any. (7.7 percent of big-leaguers last season). So what progress have we made? You try to understand, but we’re going backward.”

Clearly we need legislation to set race quotas for the major leagues. That blacks tend to be more interested in football and basketball these days can’t be the explanation, because that doesn’t advance the Agenda — it must be that baseball teams are deliberately excluding talented blacks because they care more about oppressing them out of spite than they do about winning ball games.

Given his tendency to overindulge in moonbattery, there is no question that MLB commissioner Bud Selig would enthusiastically applaud an executive action by Obama to correct this situation.

If Aaron were the only one to hold his absurd views, he would be a paranoid kook. But since he is merely echoing the corrosive propaganda shouted by the liberal noise machine, it would be more accurate to describe him as a gullible sheep who used to be able to hit a ball a long way, and who is unwittingly playing his part in the Cultural Marxist strategy to destroy America through divide and conquer tactics.

Ironically, his team the Atlanta Braves has a predominantly conservative fan base. The supposedly KKK-like Republicans he hates so much paid for his mansion.

Allen West, who grew up as a Braves fans, responds to Aaron’s foolishness:

Perhaps Mr. Aaron should remember that back then the folks in the hoods were Democrats. Perhaps Mr. Aaron should assess Barack Hussein Obama based upon his character and not his skin. Perhaps Mr. Aaron should realize that it was the former Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo) who stated that deference was given to Obama by blacks and that if anyone else were in the White House they would be marching. Perhaps Mr. Aaron should see that the national unemployment rate for blacks is 12.4 percent and there are no excuses. Perhaps Mr. Aaron needs to be reminded that Obama canceled the DC school voucher program for deserving minority (i.e. black) children in one of the nation’s worst school systems.

I am black, from Atlanta, raised by awesome parents, and based upon principle I challenge the policies of President Obama. Does that associate me with the KKK? …

Back in the day it was Democrats who stood outside the doors of higher education obstructing black children from attaining a better education and opportunity. Today, those same Democrats stand inside the doors of failing schools, trapping black children and obstructing them from seeking better education and opportunity. …

Hank Aaron hit 755 home runs in his magnificent career. He did it with his own skill and ability. He IS the standard by which all other home run hitters in baseball measure themselves – he is in the 1 percent and there was no fair share or shared home runs. He achieved it because of equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes.

Well said, Lt. Col. West.

Aaron is significant because of his skill, not because of his fortuitous skin color or cretinous political views. Remembering that would unite rather than divide. But until we pass through this era of moonbattery, there is no avoiding politicization, whatever the topic.

This current story fittingly complements Aaron’s pernicious proclamations:

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