Jeb Bush Picks Up Key Endorsements

Hopefully amnesty advocate Jeb Bush will forgive me for gasping in horror at the concept that he could be the GOP nominee for president. It turns out he must actually be highly qualified. He has a glowing endorsement from 2008 candidate John McCain:

In a recent interview with the Tampa Bay Times at the U.S. Capitol, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that potential 2016 presidential candidate Jeb. Bush (R) is “the smartest guy I know on education.” …

Despite labeling Jeb Bush the most astute person he knows when it comes to education, McCain deflected when asked if Bush’s support for the Common Core could be an issue.

Common Core is a federal initiative to use government control of primary education to advance leftist ideology and degeneracy.

It’s true McCain failed miserably as a presidential candidate himself, saddling us with the worst president in American history. But since then he has proven his significance by becoming one of Obama’s key allies in the Senate.

Speaking of Obama’s key allies in the Senate, the oily and vaguely satanic Charles “Chuck You” Schumer endorses Jeb too:

Jeb Bush probably has a spring in his step [Monday] following Senator Chuck Schumer’s ringing endorsement on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Schumer, after being asked if Jeb Bush’s liberal views on immigration were good for the Republican Party, answered, “he’s showing where people are at. Most people are for immigration reform. Most Republicans, you know, they’re in the ‘vote no, pray yes’ caucus. They’d like it to pass, as long as they don’t have to vote for it.”

“So, Chuck Schumer endorsing Jeb Bush — at least for the Republican primary,” host Joe Scarborough mischievously suggested.

Schumer laughed that Bush “would be a lot better” than some of the other Republicans who may run for president in 2016.

That he would, from Schumer’s leftwing point of view — not only because Jeb is a liberal, but because he is so noxious to the conservative base that he is certain to lose, facilitating a smooth transition to President Hillary.

Unfortunately for the Democrat Party, the former Florida Governor will not be getting the endorsement of an ex-constituent named Carolyn Tackett. Via

Jeb’s immigration policy is based solely on his personal vision of doing the right thing. He is completely oblivious to the consequences of his niceness. Down here in the swampland south of Tampa, illegals aren’t our poolboys, gardeners or maids. They are our kidnappers, rapists and murderers. But hey, let’s bring more in. [Striking Similarity, Mark’s Mailbox,, April 6, 2014]

To judge by the graphic below, he won’t get Biff Spackle’s endorsement either. Via Doug Ross:

Jeb Bush

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