Cam Newton Slams Kaepernick: “We’re all the same color.” [VIDEO]

Cam Newton Slams Kaepernick: “We’re all the same color.” [VIDEO]

Man, previously I had decided I did not like Cam Newton and now this. What he’s saying here actually makes sense and I find myself agreeing with him. Newton spoke up and pointed out that an eighth of an inch down, we are all the same color, which is true. In fact, we were well on our way to being a colorblind society before Obama rose up and made it his life’s mission to create racial strife once again in America. It’s what Marxists do.

Cue the racists on Twitter who descended on Cam Newton with a barrage of insults, most of them of the “you’re not black enough” variety. I think Newton just wants to play football and let others have their own opinion. I agree with that. Kaepernick has a right to his opinion, which is what Newton was speaking on. I just happen to think it is an anti-American, cop-hating, racist one. But to each his own. He’ll reap the consequences of his stance and frankly, with the country burning down around us, I don’t have any patience for some rich, spoiled brat of a sports figure.


From Louder with Crowder:

“How does one-eighth of an inch — something so small — be the difference in such a big (subject)? And that’s the thickness of our skin: one-eighth of an inch. And under that we’re all the same color. You know? And that’s the big picture.”

“You know, a lot of scrutiny happens when athletes start talking about, you know, race, but the truth of the matter is we gotta do right by each other. No matter what color we are.”

“Who am I to say ‘Colin, you’re wrong’? And who am I to say ‘Bro, you’re right’? Because we all, you know, we all have the right to think whatever we wanna think. And I respect that by everybody.”

People like Colin Kaepernick deserve nothing but disgust and to be ignored. He’s gotten far more airtime out of this whole stupidity than he’s worthy of. He’s wearing anti-police socks now and that gets media coverage, for cripe’s sake. He’s a wealthy guy, raised by white parents, who got smitten by a Black Lives Matter chick, who is Muslim and has now converted him. Now he’s a racist, cop-hating loudmouth and that’s pretty much the whole story.

He says that if it costs him his career (and I hate to break it to him… but it has – along with being a crappy player that is), he’ll just become a professional activist. Since Black Lives Matter is about as popular as the Bubonic plague, I wish him luck with that. Actually, I just wish he would slither away.

Kudos to Cam Newton for being sane and not a racist. Stay away from Twitter dude.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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