Hillary Discovered “Rigging” the Elections With This Shady Loophole

Hillary Discovered “Rigging” the Elections With This Shady Loophole

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The words “Clinton” and “corruption” go together hand-in-hand. They’re practically synonymous. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have shown that there’s no low they won’t sink to if it puts a little more cash in their pockets, and it doesn’t matter if it’s illegal. They won’t let some silly law get in the way of making them rich. So naturally, when Hillary found a loophole in fundraising laws, she exploited it and raked in millions.

The Democratic National Committee announced last month that they had raised $32 million in fundraising, saying this was a sign of how excited their base is for President Hillary. But that’s not exactly true. What actually happened is that, according to Bloomberg, Democrats were able to engineer a “unprecedented workaround of political spending limits that lets the party tap into millions of dollars more from Clinton’s wealthiest donors.”

Donors are restricted to a maximum of $33,400. But Federal Election Commission filings showed that at least $7.3 million of the donations given to the DNC in July were from donors who had already contributed the “maximum” of $33,400. So how did it happen? Well, that’s simple: Hillary arranged it for them.

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The donations were bundled first by the Hillary Victory Fund. Then, they were transferred to state Democratic parties, where the names and information of the donors was stripped, as the parties gave the money to the DNC as one big lump sum. 83% of the donations that were sent from state committees to the DNC came from an already-maxed out donor. The Hillary Victory Fund was created for just this purpose, too — or at least, that’s how it seems. It was formed to combine the fundraising of the Clinton campaign and 33 state democratic parties, which simply give the money they raise back to the national party. It’s not clear if donors are aware of what is happening with their money. The Hillary Victory Fund participates by soliciting large donations, usually totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then give it out in varying increments to the Clinton campaign, the DNC and state democratic parties.

Of course, because this is Hillary Clinton, it’s nothing to be surprised by. Just this week, we discovered that she was using taxpayer money to finance her pay-for-play scheme with the Clinton Foundation:

It turns out, Bill used an old government program to subsidize the Clinton Foundation… and also, to support Hillary’s private e-mail server. He used taxpayer money to buy IT equipment and servers, as well as for the pay and benefit of foundation aides. And, surprise! Those same aides are involved in the e-mail scandal, as well as the pay-for-play allegations.

So not only were the Clintons engaging in corrupt activity, they were using taxpayer money to do it.

These people are utterly shameless. Is there nothing they won’t do to get a bit of extra money and power?

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