CNN/Money Does 100 Great Things About America-Happy July 4th!

Forget politics today, let the hardcore progressives do their typical thing (whoops, that was kinda political). CNN/Money makes a list of 100 great things about America, and, as they say, they are in no particular order (which was good, since I was about to blast them for #1 on the list). What are some of them? I’ll post up the first 10, then check out the rest, and the slight commentary that goes with each one

  1. The Internet
  2. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  3. Baseball
  4. Mount Rushmore
  5. Food in New Orleans
  6. Rock and roll
  7. Hawaii
  8. iPod, iPad, and everything Apple
  9. Barbecue Carolina, Mississippi, K.C., Memphis…it’s all good. (yeah, it’s all good, but, Eastern NC barbecue is the bomb. And, BTW, down South, barbecue is a noun, not a verb)
  10. Ford Mustang

I’m going to add some of my own, in no particular order

  1. The Declaration of Independence (nuff said)
  2. Beach Music (shagging the night away)
  3. Ben Franklin (he was The Most Interesting Man In The World at that time)
  4. Refrigeration (but, does the light go out when you close the door?)
  5. Coffee percolator (all praise Benjamin Thomas Rumford)
  6. Revolver (respect my authoritah!)
  7. Cowboys (get along, little doggie)
  8. Motorcycle (freedom! Open road! Bugs in your teeth!)
  9. The vibrator (originally intended to relax tired and sore muscles)
  10. Football (real football, not that weenie kick the ball back and forth for hours on end)
  11. Mobile phone (a nefarious plot so we can never take time off)
  12. Orville and Wilbur Wright (First flight in NC)
  13. NHL (face it, America owns ice hockey now)
  14. The Beach Boys (sitting at the beach, just chillin’)
  15. The Eagles
  16. Jimmy Hendrix
  17. Elvis (though not a fan, can’t ignore his contributions)
  18. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  19. Grand Canyon (can see it from space, yo!)
  20. The Statue Of Liberty (OK, built by the French, but, does anything explain what America is about better?)

I can, of course, list tons and tons more stuff. Plenty comes to mind, and, it is hard to stop. However, I will stop there, and ask you, what are some great things about America?

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