San Juan Capistrano Tea Party in the O.C.!

Huge tea party entry over at my place, “San Juan Capistrano Tea Party, July 3, 2010.”


And what was unusual was the run-in I had with some progressive America- and Israel-bashers. From my post:

I was distracted from some of the speakers by a group of radicals that was hanging out by the street. Members were engaged in discussion with a very attentive and patient conservative woman. I roamed nearby for a few minutes. Soon I heard one of the young men discussing Israel. He was arguing that Palestinans in Gaza lived in squalor, etc. I listened further. When he began arguing that Israel had no “Biblical right to occupy Palestianian lands.” I couldn’t remain silent. I told him that’s not true. I said first Israel wasn’t “occupying” the land, and secondly, the Jewish people have a biblical claim on Israel going back to before Exodus in the Old Testament. The fellow got agitated and walked toward me, calling me a “fool” for speaking out. I said to him: “Why are you calling me names? I’m simply rejecting your claim that Israel is ‘occupying’ the land …” He seemed to mellow after that, and I imagine we could have conversed reasonably for a while. He said, for example, that he wanted “a two state solution” in the Middle East. So I asked him if he supported Hamas? He said, “No, I’m against violence, a peace activist.” I told him that’s exactly what the folks on the Gaza flotilla said. He told me he rejected the violence, and I said, “then we’re in agreement.” Basically, call these folks out on propaganda and if they’re amicable, you might be able to get through a bit.


Check it out.

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