Everything Is Wrong

I’m trying to imagine all these stories about a Republican, but it would never happen, one. And two, the press would have a Republican President’s head on a platter by now.

Instead, we are getting bits and pieces of the news but no cumulative “What the F*ck” pieces from the MSM yet. Why? Because they don’t want to see and it doesn’t suit their political purposes.

Here are some of the stories I’ve noted:

Press Bias: Sarah Palin and the stalker next door.

President Obama Disrespects Military Dead.

Socialism: Government grows, private sector pay shrinks.

More socialism: Health care law killing hiring.

Borders: Mexican lawmakers go to Arizona.

Forced unionization: Volunteer firefighters being forced into unions in financial regulation bill that has four Republican helpers.

And, I haven’t even written yet, of North Korea, the oil spill, and the New York times revealing that our strategy in the Middle East.

I lay everything at the Democrats, President Obama’s and the press’ feet. The press is complicit with this destruction. They seek it. They want it. They have idealized socialism and they want to see it come to fruition–no matter the cost.

We are seeing multiculturalism writ large. So North Korea, ostensibly, is as good as, say, Britain. Cuba is better than France. Venezuela is superior to Germany. And Iran, our buddies there, is way awesomer than Poland.

This President has proven a foreign and domestic disaster and he’s only 17 months into his tenure.

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