Shame on SEIU

Here is an update to the story about the 500 SEIU union thugs who descended upon the personal home of a Bank of America executive, scaring his teenage son, who was alone inside.

Nina Easton wonders why they would target Greg Baer, a life long Democrat who worked for the Clinton Treasury Department, and his wife is a former adviser to Hillary Clinton. She also wonders why the protestors did not invite the media. Instead, just a friendly Huffington Post blogger clearly sending a message to the the union’s leftist base. Also curious is the fact that Bank of America got out of the subprime lending business in 2001.

As you read her article it all becomes clear. They didn’t want the media there because they might have naturally been critical of this home invasion. No, they just wanted to scare this family. Why would they want to do that? Well, it seems the union and SEIU owe the Bank of America nearly $4 million in interest in fees. THe SEIU isn’t doing so well financially. So I suppose they chose intimidation and fear to actually having to pay what they owe.

Seriously guys, how can you liberals support this kind of group? This is nothing but thug tactics. Either clean up your party, or come to our side. I know that you have a conscience.

Nina asked Stephen Lerner, SEIU’s point person on Wall Street Reform about this, and he just repeated talking points about the damage banks like Bank of America were doing as people are losing their homes. But as Nina points out, there has been great success with Bank of America’s workout programs to help distressed homeowners, and Bank of America has supported financial reform.

This wasn’t a protest. This was thug intimidation that should be condemned by anyone involved with SEIU, especially the Democratic party.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for that one.

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