Obama Does Not Care about His Poll Numbers

Barack Obama’s poll numbers continue to plummet.:  Rasmussen: has our president at 42% approval–a record low.:  I’d like to point out that he is only 17 months into his term.:  If Barack Obama cared about his poll numbers he would have changed course a long, long time ago.:  The truth is, he does not care.:  At all.:  Most dictator/tyrannical heads of government do not care.:  Does anyone think Hugo Chavez cares, Fidel Castro, or how about North Korea’s Kim Jong Il?:  They don’t and never will. And before anyone goes nuts, I’m not saying he’s another Kim Jong Il, I’m saying he doesn’t care. He has his agenda and that’s the way it is.

As I wrote earlier, Obama’s policies are starting to [re]shape America–as they were intended–and if this is the start, I don’t want to know the final outcome.

Also, please take to heart that the Democrats are going to abandon this sinking ship as we are seeing in the primaries.:  They are distancing themselves from Obama and his socialistic policies and masquerading as conservatives and beginning to blame Bush again.:  It’s really starting to get predictable.:  But, nevertheless, be aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to the Democrats.:  Because there are no conservative Democrats.:  If if there are, we call them Republicans.

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