FED UP U.S. College Creates A Mandatory ‘Patriotism Class’ For All Students

FED UP U.S. College Creates A Mandatory ‘Patriotism Class’ For All Students

One college has had it with the disrespectful behavior being exhibited by millennials who curse America for being “racist” despite the fact that they are the people keeping racial division and hatred alive and well. They are quick to hate the country that has given them so much (including the opportunity for higher education) and even quicker to call any dissenting opinions “fascism.”

This is why The College of the Ozarks, a Christian college in Missouri, is now mandating that everyone at their school take a “patriotism class” if they’re going to attend the college.

If you’re anything like me, the thought of “mandatory patriotism” in the United States makes your skin crawl, but when you think about it, it’s not actually mandatory at all.

The class itself would teach proper flag etiquette, modern military customs, United States politics and would include some survival-based lessons such as knot-tying, map reading and marksmanship, which sounds a lot like the Boy Scouts. This class, titled: “Patriotic Education and Fitness,” would be required of all incoming Freshman.

The school’s President Jerry Davis says the patriotism “must be taught, it must be modeled and it must be emphasized,” something with which a lot of conservative Americans can agree.

“There is too much of an indifference toward the military in this country, and people seem to have forgotten that people in the military are the ones that continue to make the sacrifices for the rest of us,” he noted.

“We think in the culture there is a problem in the division between the 1 percent who serve in uniform and the 99 percent living the good life because someone else made a sacrifice in a military uniform,” Davis continued. “Colleges should be more intentional about teaching young people about the military and such things as leadership and cooperation and teamwork, things the military does very well.”

Now the idea of “mandatory” anything rubs me the wrong way, but you have to realize something; nobody is forcing anyone to attend this college. If they don’t like the rules, they don’t have to go. Most of the people who would protest such a thing (liberals) aren’t necessarily going to be inclined to attend a Christian college anyway.

Is this something that I would do as the President of a college? Nope. I would offer the class and then those who want to take it, can take it and those who don’t, wouldn’t have to. But do I think this is a bad thing that sets a terrible precedent? Not at all.

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