Die Hard Football Fan Exits Stadium When Players Kneel – But Leaves Something Special Behind

Die Hard Football Fan Exits Stadium When Players Kneel – But Leaves Something Special Behind

A dedicated fan of the Denver Broncos attended a game on September 24th, intending to have a good time and enjoy a good game between his favorite team and the Buffalo Bills. Unfortunately, when some of the players decided to kneel for the National Anthem, he felt like he had to leave.

But before he left the stadium, Beine set up a display for the players, coaches and attendants to enjoy in his absence.

“There are many perspectives on this issue, the flag in and of itself means many things to many people,” said Beine, whose stepson – U.S. Marine Cpl. David M. Sonka – was killed overseas along with his K9, Flex.

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“And my feeling is, they’re disrespecting David and everybody else that has defended it [what the flag represents], though I think that David and all the veterans would agree that this is one of the reasons they signed up, was to defend America and people’s right to do exactly what the football players are doing” he said when asked why he felt the game.

But instead of just leaving, he decided to make an impression. In his seat, he set up photos of his step son, his flag-draped coffin at the funeral, as well as a folded flag.

While there are many who disagree that the protests are against the National Anthem and the flag itself, how are you going to tell that to a Gold Star father who felt disrespected by the teams kneeling for the anthem? How are you going to explain to him that he’s wrong?

This isn’t something that is really up for debate, in my opinion. If he feels like they are doing his stepson’s memory a disservice, who are we to tell him otherwise?

We live in a time where perception is reality and at this point it doesn’t really matter what you do or say, it will be taken differently by different people. In this case, millions of Americans see it as an extremely rude act that doesn’t reflect well on the National Football League or its players.

I understand that there are certain issues that people want to address, but how does it help to alienate people who potentially want to help, but feel like you’re not listening to their concerns in return? It seems like really bad policy to me, but maybe the point was division, not unity, the whole time.

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