In San Antonio, Blue Lives Matter

The #BlackLivesMatter crowd might be good at getting headlines, though it remains to be seen if they’re any good at avoiding becoming an albatross around the neck of the Democrat Party in next year’s elections.

What seems clear, though, is they haven’t made friends of the majority of Americans. Stories like this one from San Antonio are popping up around the country, and they show that this is still a nation respecting law and order and the people devoting their lives to public safety

SAN ANTONIO — A scrawled note from an anonymous mother sparked an outpouring of support for the men and women in blue.

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The letter, signed from “A mom,” was left on a San Antonio police cruiser offering a message in support of the law enforcers who risk their lives every day.

Patrol officer Cameron Helle discovered the note coming back to his cruiser from a call. He says it was written on a piece of paper the size of an index card and tucked into the driver’s side window.

The note read, “Had your back as long as I could stay. Gotta get home to my babies. God bless y’all. Blue lives matter. All lives matter.”

“My heart was warm,” said Helle. “Especially with everything going on right now, it felt awesome.”

In a political context, what will be interesting to watch if the #BlackLivesMatter doesn’t peter out (and it probably shouldn’t, given the $25 million or more given to it by leftist billionaire and James Bond villain-in-the-making George Soros) is how much damage it will do to the Democrats next year. We know from the 2008 and 2012 presidential election cycles that the Democrats’ electoral model involves nearly unanimous turnout in the black community inflating its percentage of the electorate as a whole, along with a 95 percent share of that vote – while still holding a representative sample of the white centrist Democrat/swing vote.

In the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections we saw that getting that massive black turnout isn’t possible when the head of the Democrat ticket isn’t someone who looks like Barack Obama, and that’s what the Democrats will have on offer whether their nominee is Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. To pump up what they can get in the black community, they’re going to feel the need to pander to the #BlackLivesMatter crowd, but as the San Antonio story indicates there’s a cost to that – and it will be paid chiefly among swing voters.

Americans are tired of lawlessness and agitation. Whoever on the GOP side can most credibly make the case for returning normality to the scene will be the next president.

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