Elderly Woman Walks Into Colorado Police Department, “Extremely Upset”, Stuns With Unusual Request

Elderly Woman Walks Into Colorado Police Department, “Extremely Upset”, Stuns With Unusual Request

Elderly people pretty much top my list of ‘coolest cats ever’. They have been through it all, they have amazing stories, and, let’s face it, they know more than us. So when an upset older woman came into the police department, it was pretty natural for the officers to do their part to calm her down- and it was easier than they thought:


An elderly woman “extremely upset” over recent attacks on police officers across the country walked into her local station and made an unusual request: she asked to give a hug to an officer.

The Arvada Police Department posted images taken from surveillance footage to Facebook Monday, calling it a “wonderful day to be working!!”

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“We had a lovely citizen come into our Lake Arbor station who was extremely upset about the recent loss of so many officers across the country,” the police department said on Facebook.

“She came in to give a HUG to an officer.”

Chris Steiner, a 20-year veteran of the force, was the “lucky recipient” to receive the hug.

“While a bit of a reach because of his size, she managed to get ahold of him and hugged him great; not once but twice!!!!” the police department said.

Jill McGranahan, public relations coordinator for the department, conceded to CBS News it was an unusual request.

“It meant a lot to Chris; it meant a lot to all of us,” McGranahan told the news outlet. “We were all pretty moved by it.”

I’m not gonna lie. I’m probably gonna be this old lady someday. Good for her for getting her hug!

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