NFL Legend Franco Harris Reveals How Kaepernick’s Protest Would Have Been Dealt With Back in His Day

NFL Legend Franco Harris Reveals How Kaepernick’s Protest Would Have Been Dealt With Back in His Day

The United States of America hasn’t always been the squishy bag of pudding that you see in the media today. There was a time when men were men, women were women, and you knew who was who based on which bathroom they used.

There was also a time when disrespect was called out and punished accordingly and not protected by patchouli-scented losers in flannel and skinny jeans who demand “safe spaces” away from the realities (often harsh) of the real world.

No, there was a wonderful point in time where Colin Kaepernick’s little demonstration would have been dealt with by his fellow teammates “back in the day.”

Anyone else wanna go in for a time-machine?

Franco Harris is a football legend and a four-time Superbowl champion who was ranked 10th greatest SB champ of all time by ESPN. He also has some thoughts on the “protest” carried out by a jobless Colin Kaepernick and how it would have been dealt with back when he was on the field.

“This has been my position from the start that we always, sure we have certain social issues that we will always be dealing with, but that you stand for the flag. And that we are all behind the flag,” he said, adding “If someone has a certain stance that they want to take, that’s fine but, if Colin felt that he wanted to make a point, which is fine, and which is right, and get involved with any position or organization that he really wants.”

He doesn’t believe, however, that Kaepernick should have used the National Anthem as his time to make his stand. Er, kneel, as it were.

“[I]t’s more than just him,” he stated.

“It’s his teammates, it’s the NFL, and it’s the fans. And when he puts that suit on it is not just about him and his position and things that he wants to back and he wants to believe in. Because the team has to come first.”

He doesn’t think that the coach would have addressed the issue, but certainly his teammates would have if Colin were to have pulled that kind of stunt back when Harris was playing football.

“We had two of the meanest guys in football who I think would have dealt with it that way. And that would have been Joe Green and Jack Lambert,” he said ominously.

As someone who supports freedom of speech, I absolutely believe that Kaepernick should not be punished by the government for his protest and he wasn’t. That said, his First Amendment rights don’t protect him from the coaches or the players who would have undoubtedly made their opinions on his opinion known.

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