Dad Tells Teacher Offended By Son’s Shirt: GET OVER IT! [PHOTOS]

Dad Tells Teacher Offended By Son’s Shirt: GET OVER IT! [PHOTOS]

It’s no surprise that most educators skew liberal. And in theory, that should be fine — but in practice, this means that too often, politics are brought into the classroom, as opposed to being kept out of it. Sometimes, this means that students will end up being indoctrinated into liberalism. But that wasn’t going to work on this student.

Richard Gautier posted on Facebook about the t-shirt his son, Mason, decided to wear to school one day. His teacher, a liberal who supports Hillary Clinton, has frequently had political discussions with Mason and when she saw what he was wearing, she was surely surprised:

“Mason wore his ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ shirt to school today,” Gautier wrote. “One of his Clinton-supporting teachers whom he’s has political discussions with asked, ‘Did you wear that for me?'”

But Mason was ready with a quick comeback. “His reply, ‘No, for Chris Stevens.’ Mic drop,” he concluded. The teacher’s response wasn’t posted, but it’s a safe assumption that she wasn’t pleased. Nevertheless, the post quickly went viral on Facebook, with most people praising Mason not only for having the guts to wear the shirt, but also for having such a snarky response.

“AWESOME! Now that’s a young man who is being raised up right!” one person wrote. “Kid has got some nades. He got’em from his gene pool” another agreed.

There was a lot of anti-Hillary merchandise being sold at Trump rallies and the Republican National Convention during the 2016 presidential election, which largely shows that Democrats made a huge mistake in nominating such a fundamentally flawed candidate. Most Americans dislike Hillary Clinton; she was never popular and it should have been expected that this dislike would become apparent.

The merchandise being sold, however, was decried by many as being misogynist in nature. One shirt read, “Life’s a bitch. Don’t elect one!” Another featured photos of both Trump and Clinton, with the caption, “Trump that bitch!” And evidently, that particular shirt was a popular one:

One shirt in particular had liberals furious:

So, the teacher may not have been happy about this particular anti-Hillary shirt, but really, there’s not much she can complain about. She can disagree about the sentiment of “Hillary for Prison,” but Mason’s shirt wasn’t vulgar and there was no profanity — and that makes it fair game.

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