What Steve Harvey Said When He Thought The Cameras Were Off Left Everyone Floored

We’ve all had our share of fun with Steve Harvey following the excruciating spectacle of his reading the card wrong at the Miss Universe pageant and announcing the wrong winner. But there is a lot more to Harvey than that gaffe, as this story from the set of Family Feud will make clear.

After taping every episode of Family Feud, host Steve Harvey likes to spend a few moments talking to the audience. It’s usually just a bit of small talk infused with Harvey’s signature sense of humor, but at the end of this particular taping — when he thought the cameras were turned off — he did something a little bit different.

He took a few minutes out of his day to discuss what it means to be successful and happy in life. In fact, he believes that without happiness and fulfillment, success will never come. According to Harvey, all we have to do is jump.

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Sometimes when you jump, you land off your feet – and that was on display at the pageant. But Harvey has made use of his gift – he can entertain and inspire people. And that’s how he can get past his mistake, which is only a small slice of the story of his life.

And his message of entrepreneurship and endeavor is one everyone should hear.

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