Washington Post Makes Good Point On Memorial Day

Here’s the Editorial Board on What We Owe

I N MAY 1945, the German army, known then as the Wehrmacht, issued a final statement acknowledging its defeat after “almost six years of heroic fighting,” during which “The German soldier, true to his oath, has in the service of his nation achieved feats that will never be forgotten.” The statement, which of course leaves out quite a lot, concludes thus: “The dead compel us to unconditional loyalty, to obedience and discipline toward the Fatherland, bleeding from countless wounds.”

On this Memorial Day 70 years later, many of the peoples whose nations fought that war (including Germans) have long since concluded that we owe our war dead no such thing. We owe them lasting honor for what they give up for their country, for lives cut short in youth or destroyed by physical or mental wounds. But the greater debt is for certain freedoms defended — freedom from the demand for loyalty without moral boundaries, from unquestioning obedience to higher orders and from discipline without law or mercy.

The debt we owe is still growing today, and it is beyond our means to repay in full. Abraham Lincoln stated it succinctly at Gettysburg with his series of negatives: “We can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground.” As Lincoln had it, the greater part of that work had been done by the war dead, and completing it was more than a matter of speeches, ceremonies and memorial statuary. It was, and is, a steady and abiding commitment to government chosen by, conducted by and dedicated to the good of its people, and a willingness to sacrifice to ensure the survival of that form of government — including the minimal but often neglected obligation to pay attention to what our leaders are doing, to listen and speak out and vote. In short, to make the thing work.

At first blush, it almost seems as if the WPEB is telling us that we must be Loyal to Government, but, taken in total, they’re stating that there should be a commitment to preserving our governmental system, as laid forth within our founding documents. To hold Government accountable, from the politicians to the bureaucrats.

Our brave men and women fought for the freedoms in our system. They fought against totalitarian/authoritarian governments in Europe. Interestingly enough, Lincoln fought to increase the power of the federal government, reducing the power of the States. Something to think about.

A question for the Washington Post: what, exactly, are they doing to hold government accountable to the People, when their coverage is extremely partisan, and the side they have chosen has more in common with the Germany of World War II? One which does, in fact, demand “Unconditional loyalty and obedience” to a government and the Party leaders? One which, after decades of trying to destroy our military, is now working overtime to turn it into a breeding ground of Progressive (nice fascist) ideals?

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