It’s Memorial Day, So, Obviously, It Must Be Linked To Climate Change

Pick a holiday, and you can virtually guarantee that someone in the Cult Of Climastrology will link it to “climate change”. For this Memorial Day, The Baltimore Sun and its Editorial Board win the Moonbat Award with their “the sky is melting, the sky is melting” mantra

The danger of climate denial

It’s Memorial Day, and the forecast is for renewed mocking and derision regarding man-made climate change from the know-nothing, science-averse wing of the Republican Party. President Barack Obama’s warning — issued during his commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremonies Wednesday — that climate change represents a national security threat seems certain to provoke that kind of stormy reaction.

For those who actually serve in the military, however, the response is far likelier to be something along the lines of a matter-of-fact “yes, sir.” Whether it’s flooding or more severe storms at U.S. Navy bases or the manner in which thawing permafrost is damaging military facilities in Alaska, the evidence of the changing global climate is pretty obvious to the men and women in uniform. With climate-induced rising sea levels already causing problems for some coastal communities, the Coast Guard is certain to be on the front lines of this particular challenge right along with the National Guard.

Of course they say “yes, sir”, because their bosses have told them to, along with gay marriage and other Progressive policies being enforced on the military. No one is actually denying climate change: the argument is on causation. Will the Baltimore Sun give up their own use of fossil fuels to deliver their paper, and stop killing trees to publish their paper?

Perhaps what Senator Cruz and others should do is simply visit the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis where faculty have been looking into how much damage climate change will have on coastal facilities around the Chesapeake Bay and what are the most cost-effective strategies to deal with it. That might teach them why the Navy and the other branches of the military can’t afford to be climate deniers anxious to appease special interests or play to certain voters: They have a country to defend. As Mr. Obama observed, “climate change impacts every country on the planet.” It’s no laughing matter to imagine a future president who would ignore such an obvious security threat for no good reason beyond some measure of short-term political gain.

Yes, let’s let them visit and ask the Naval members exactly what their opinions are in private, without the command influence of those above them who are Cult of Climastrology members, who demand Obedience. Changes in climate will always have effects on life, some good, some bad. A massive change in the climate from an asteroid 65 million years ago had a pretty bad effect on dinosaurs, but led to the rise of the mammals, and Mankind. The climate changes, there’s no need to assign blame to Mankind. Unless someone has a political agenda.

All that said, it’s beyond shameful that the Baltimore Sun uses the occasion of Memorial Day to push its wholly unscientific political doctrine. All for new taxes, as well as for more government and less personal freedom, freedom which our military members gave their lives to defend.

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