Ohio may kill an orphaned baby deer

Ohio may kill an orphaned baby deer

Jodi Proger watched a mother deer get crushed by a car and the baby deer panic frantically, so Jodi rescued the baby deer, like a good person would do. In a typical case of “seriously, what’s wrong with you” and “don’t you have something better to do” and “omg, you’re an expletive removed” – the state of Ohio is debating on killing Wheezer, the rescued orphaned deer that lives on a Proger’s five acre family farm.

wheezer and familyLike most states, Ohio has laws protecting wildlife, and it’s illegal to keep a wild deer as a pet. But the absence of sanctuaries, or compassionate wildlife resources, means people like Proger can be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In Wheezer’s case, it should be OK considering that Proger’s family has a five acre outdoor property for the animal to dwell. But if Ohio decides to be heartless, then Wheezer will end up like an old Bon Jovi song.

wheezer wanted

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