ALERT: Here’s What Obama Quietly Did While We Weren’t Looking…

ALERT: Here’s What Obama Quietly Did While We Weren’t Looking…

While everyone was caught up in the San Bernardino terrorist attack and other political happenings, Obama quietly held a meeting at the White House to push back against religious discrimination. Chief among the invited was CAIR… a Muslim Brotherhood-connected organization that in my viewpoint promotes terrorism and is a strong proponent of Shariah law. Obama did meet with the San Bernardino victim’s families on his way to Hawaii, but it was purely for political purposes and optics, not out of sympathy for those who lost loved ones. His goal there was to put the California terrorist attack on the same level with mass shootings here in the US to give him the basis to sign more executive orders for gun control. Obama had CAIR at the White House and that meeting to discuss preventing persecution and a backlash against Muslims for the growing number of terrorist attacks here in the US.

Obama CAIR

From the Conservative Tribune:

After the San Bernardino terror attack, Obama scheduled a meeting at the White House to talk about ways to push back against religious discrimination.

You might think he’d want to hold a meeting about pushing back against radical Islamic extremism, but only if you don’t know anything about this president.

WND reported that the Muslim advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations was invited to the meeting. CAIR’s ties to Islamic extremists in the Middle East have been well-documented by the FBI and others.

After the San Bernardino attack, CAIR instantly came to the defense of the terrorists’ family. They claimed it had nothing to do with Islam and blamed it on America’s policies. Even though the event has been tied to ISIS and it was obvious this was a Jihadist cell attack, CAIR has stood firm in that it had nothing to do with the religion of peace. Obama still won’t call it Islamic terrorism and goes far more out of his way for Muslims and their religion than for Christians and Jews. In fact, he has done all he can to abridge our First Amendment constitutional rights, while bringing in more Muslims and pushing Islam at every opportunity. Christianity and Judaism have been purged from our schools, but you see more and more Islam being forced upon students. It’s obvious why that is and why all the refugees are being hurriedly brought into America. CAIR is the mouthpiece for the Ummah and the Caliphate. Obama is their water boy.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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