Enraged Muslims Savagely Beat Swedes in Broad Daylight

Enraged Muslims Savagely Beat Swedes in Broad Daylight

Monsters. This took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Two Swedes asked these well-dressed Muslim men not to vandalize flowerpots. For their impertinence, they were savagely beaten in broad daylight while another Muslim man videoed the attack, laughed and cheered his brothers on. This is what Sweden has now become thanks to the Hijrah migration. The insane government of Sweden is constantly bashing Israel and defending these Islamists, no matter what crime they commit or what they do. Everything is given to the immigrants and Swedes are kicked out of their homes and jobs for them. I know the Swedes are now arming themselves regardless of laws there. I wouldn’t blame them for seeking their own form of justice over this. What is happening in Sweden is criminal.


From Pamela Geller:

This attack happened in Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm. The two Swedes told them not to vandalize flowerpots — and as a response, they got beaten up for it.

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America, mark my words… this is coming here, if it isn’t here already. All thanks to Barack Obama and the Progressives who are shipping in millions of Islamists that surely have terrorists in their midst. The most minor infraction like these poor men committed is subject to brutal treatment under Shariah law. These men are elitists and feel they have the right to dispense justice wherever and whenever they want. After all, their victims are lowly infidels and deserve what they get. This time it was a beating, next time it will be death. In the midst of all this, Obama is getting ready to write up more gun control executive orders and I wouldn’t put it past him to confiscate weapons as well. These men in Sweden and others in Europe have no way to protect themselves. Right now, Americans do, but for how long? I look at these Swedes who did nothing wrong and got a savage beat down for it and I wonder how many Americans would submit to the same thing. This is why guns are flying off the shelves. Americans will not cower and passively wait to be beaten, tortured, raped or murdered. This may be coming here, but I predict a dramatically different outcome.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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