Thank Goodness, We Finally Have The Mom View Of ‘Climate Change’

We can now rest easy, as Cara Fleischer shares her view

Climate change – a mom’s view

As a mom of school-aged children in Tallahassee, I feel called to share my excitement for the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change and its message of hope. Finally, some good news!

Thirteen years ago my life changed when I became a mom, and I realized that my husband and I would do everything we could to protect that beautiful baby girl in our arms. One awful day, our baby daughter began gasping for breath, and we learned she was developing asthma. The doctor told us it was common because Atlanta’s smog could be as bad as Mexico City’s. Whoa. I started paying attention to the smog alerts on the radio, TV and highways, and fear crept in with every Code Red and Code Purple alert. What was causing it? I learned that it was too many cars, power plants and factories pumping carbon into the air.

Um, no. While cars, power plants, and factories are major contributors to smog, smog is not “carbon”, an unscientific way to refer to carbon dioxide. Hey, don’t believe me, believe the EPA

Cars and trucks that combust fuel also emit smog forming emissions, such as nitrogen oxide, non-methane organic gases, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and formaldehyde.

The Cult of Climastrology is pushing un-scientific propaganda, and they’re all too brainwashed to know it. BTW, does Ms. Fleischer own a fossil fueled vehicle? Does she use energy? Purchase consumer goods? Then, according to her foolish talking point, she’s at fault.

We have moved back to our home town of Tallahassee and love sharing the beauty of this place with our children by playing outside under great live oaks, kayaking on our little lake in Killearn, and spending time on St. George Island. But I couldn’t unlearn what I knew about carbon and climate change.

All parents want to provide a safe place for our children to grow, live and to reach their God-given potential, but by no fault of their own, their future is threatened by the effects of climate change. We read stories about epic storms and their human toll, droughts that turn fertile land into deserts, and California water reserves drying up. We see images of skinny polar bears and melting arctic ice, bleached coral and dying oceans. And closer to home, we hear about sunny-day flooding in Miami Beach, experience record high temperatures and prepare for super storms. It’s no wonder busy parents just tune it all out and hope for the best – a feeling of helplessness has set in.

Maybe she should unlearn it all, because she was wrong about smog, and pretty much wrong on everything else. Of course, after learning all this (false propaganda) information, she immediate went out and changed her own life, right? Right?

I found a local nonpartisan group called Citizens’ Climate Lobby that focuses on solutions, and have been inspired to help. I invite you to have hope, tune in and stand up for our kids’ future. Come to a CCL meeting and learn how to encourage our leaders to move toward clean energy with a Carbon Fee Dividend program.

Nope. She wants to force Everyone Else to practice what she preaches. All based on lies. This is what Skeptics are fighting against. We would prefer to focus on the real problems. In the case of smog, yes, let’s look for ways to deal with this real environmental and health issue. Great strides have been made over the past 40 years. Warmists would throw it all away by focusing an dogmatic junk science.

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