BREAKING: Obama’s Darkest Secret Leaks To Public

BREAKING: Obama’s Darkest Secret Leaks To Public

I have no idea if this is true or not, but author Ed Klein claims that Obama was, or still is, “popping gummy bears infused with cannibis.” Knowing Obama, it would not surprise me much if that were true. Klein was on the Janet Mefferd show on Bott Radio Network Tuesday night when he dropped this nugget. I’ve provided the audio below… it’s at the 15:05 mark. I can almost see Obama chomping on pot-laced gummy bears.

Mefford is a longtime former religion writer for the Dallas Morning News and is now a Christian Talk Show host. I’ve never listened to her before, although I might listen to her after this just to get a feel for her show. She was talking with Ed Klein about his latest book, “All out war: the plot to destroy Donald Trump.”

Obama is a communist. But he’s also a hippie dippy liberal in many ways and he has an addictive personality. He may have gone to the gummy bears to give up smoking and wanted that extra special side effect. Wonder who makes them for him? Just sayin’. That’s if this is even true.

As they discussed Obama on the show, Mefford and Klein pondered over how Barack Obama wasn’t quite the leftist warrior everyone thought he would be once he left office. Given that Obama has gotten used to the good life and having people wait on him hand and foot, revolution may just seem like too much work for him these days. We’ll see.

“According to my sources, despite all the efforts on the part of the Democratic party to get the former president engaged he’s, uh, totally disengaged, he’s, uh, as you just said, playing video games like a teenager, going back to his “Choom gang” days in Hawai’i when he smoked pot.” Of that I have no doubt. I’ve always thought that Obama was a puppet of others like Valerie Jarrett.

Keep in mind that if Hillary Clinton had been elected, health issues aside, she didn’t have petty addictions. Her only addictions were power, greed and fame. Obama severely crippled the US… Clinton would have destroyed us. That’s why the elections last night were so disturbing. These are people who would love Obama to serve forever or have Clinton at the helm. They are communists and they have no ethics, no morality, no principles and no real love for America. While Obama is still traveling and getting high, the Democratic Party is wholly embracing communism a la Bolshevik Bernie. We must be vigilant and ensure that they do not gain control of the House, Senate or Presidency in the coming elections.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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