BREAKING: Trump Sends BRUTAL Message To Kim Jong-Un – “Do Not…” [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Trump Sends BRUTAL Message To Kim Jong-Un – “Do Not…” [VIDEO]

Trump has a fresh warning for the Rocket Man in North Korea, saying that Americans are ready and waiting to get involved if the rogue state attacks South Korea.

Currently, Trump is enjoying a trip to the other side of the Pacific and made his statements at the South Korean National Assembly.

“Today, I hope I speak not only for our countries, but for all civilized nations when I say to the North: Do not underestimate us and do not try us.”

With Melania joining him, I wonder if he had the same idea when he was raising his lovely children. Probably didn’t threaten them with being nuked in their bedrooms, but the removal of dessert and other toys probably came down a lot swifter than their contemporaries.

In South Korea, Trump stood near their country’s President Moon to deliver the remarks, with whom he had earlier discussed trade as well as the threat of Rocket Man to the north. Trump told the crowd of legislators and by extension, told Rocket Man directly, that the “increased levels” of military movement and strength in America is partly in response to the restlessness of North Korea. He called for his desire to achieve “peace through strength” and earned quite a bit of applause from the gathered South Korean leaders.

Turning more directly to speak to the North, Trump brought up the weapons that Kim Jon-Un has been “acquiring,” saying that his new collection is “putting [him] in grave danger.” Trump reinforced his point by saying that “North Korea is not the paradise that your grandfather envisioned, it is the Hell that no person deserves.”

Trump went on to bring up China, who said of the nation, “Why would China feel an obligation to help North Korea” if the North Koreans decide to start a war? Further, he called out the abortions and infanticide practiced by the government, calling it a “prison state, a nuclear nightmare and a cult.”

In June, the American citizen Otto Warmbier was successfully returned to his home country where he soon died. Warmbier had been imprisoned and brutalized by the regime who accused him of stealing from the hotel he was staying at. Obama was unable or unwilling to get him back; but Trump made the arrangements. When Otto was returned, he was in a coma and appeared to have suffered a severe injury to his brain. At the time, the left thought this was a great time to bring up the “whiteness” of Warmbier; with one group saying that while the “punishment was harsh,” he should’ve respected the North Korean laws.

Here’s a short video from Fox showing part of Trump’s speech:

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