Prof Analyzes Disney Movies, Concludes That We Must Purge Humanity of “Corporate-Barbaric Masculinity”

Prof Analyzes Disney Movies, Concludes That We Must Purge Humanity of “Corporate-Barbaric Masculinity”

Just because Disney owns ESPN, which it uses as a Trojan Horse to insidiously infuse sports with ultra-left politics, does not mean that it is totally pure of thought crime. Politics professor Bryant Sculos of Florida International University has found “toxic masculinity” in its Beauty and Beast. From an actual abstract that appeared in the scholarly journal Class, Race and Corporate Power:

This essay reflects on how Disney’s (1991) animated classic Beauty and the Beast and the (2017) live-action remake differentially treat social responsibility, with respect to the various side characters and communities represented, for the toxic masculinity exhibited by its most prominent male characters, Gaston and the Beast.

Our tax dollars subsidize this stuff.

Looks like someone at Campus Reform managed to read the whole essay:

Sculos goes on to argue that just as the villagers all bear some responsibility for the Beast, so do we “all bear responsibility for the evils of a system that produces such noteworthy villains,” describing Gaston as “Martin Shkreli Mixed with Donald Trump.” …

“The more we fuel a society that demands a capitalistic mentality that privileges the commodification of life and life-sustaining goods and services, masculinity will continue to be a toxic manifestation,” he declares…

“We need ‘men’ to become human, perhaps not again but for the first time in history on a mass scale,” Sculos concludes. “It is not masculinity that needs to purged of its toxicity, but rather it is humanity that needs to be purged of the toxicity of corporate-barbaric masculinity.”

Not even the mighty Soviet Union could purge all of humanity of “the toxicity of corporate-barbaric masculinity.” But on college campuses, the dream lives on.

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