USAF Academy Racial Messages Prove to Be Hoax

USAF Academy Racial Messages Prove to Be Hoax

Racist messages on white boards at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School made national news in late September. Predictably, a Victim of Color targeted by the messages turned out to be responsible:

The investigation started when the words, written on whiteboards outside their dorm rooms, read, “Go home,” followed by the N-word were found in September. The hateful messages were discovered Sept. 25. The words were found on the outside of five African American cadet candidates’ rooms.

The investigation — which no doubt was massive in scope — confirmed the culprit’s confession.

In stark contrast to the self-righteous squawking that was initially set off by the messages, the Air Force is now keeping mum on details “due to Privacy Act requirements.” They won’t even release the hoaxer’s name.

Lieutenant General Jay Silveria’s impassioned speech (view it here) about racism and diversity last September was based on a lie.

Maybe he will now give an impassioned speech about a problem that is far more prevalent and corrosive, namely phony victim posturing. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

On tips from Billy Mitchell Weeps, Dave F, Jack P, Steve A, and Chronos Z. Wonderpig. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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