BREAKING: Report Shows Obama Spied On Manafort Before And After Election

BREAKING: Report Shows Obama Spied On Manafort Before And After Election

It wasn’t too long ago when the media made it their week’s mission to go after Trump when he suddenly tweeted out that the Obama administration was tapping phones in Trump tower and eavesdropping on his team’s phone calls. If you were not a sheep like so many in the country, you know that Obama and his administration were clearly professionals on skirting the law and finding holes to exploit it. Government overreach is the keystone to any good Marxist progressive and Obama was no exception. Many have done it before him, but not many have been able to ‘[fundamentally] transform America’ like that man did.

We now have positive evidence of spying on private citizens and this completely absolves Trump from the ridiculous attempts of the media.

One time Trump campaign chair, Paul Manafort, was the target of a secret court ordered wire tapping, both before and after the election. This is one of the leading reasons why Manafort will be facing indictment. Things are coming apart for the political operative. With the eavesdropping happening earlier this year, it is possible that conversations involving the President were also collected – yet, Trump has not been confronted for any personal involvement.

A lot of the evidence and intelligence that was taken from tapping were clues that indicated the Russians may have had something to do with the campaign itself. So far, the only saving grace is that two sources have claimed that the evidence gathered is not definitive…Yeah. You can now sense that when the worst of the news came out, CNN and the rest of the biased media camped out all day on the bad portion, yet ignored the sources’ claims.

What we do know is that Trump’s information that Obama had been spying, or at least his administration, is now backed up and plainly proven.

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak had something to contribute:

So, why does the evidence of spying by the Obama administration not matter? Easy. Because it doesn’t matter to the media. They control their sphere of influence and have long ago left out the facts. They are a propaganda wing of the Democrat party. That’s all.

Trump’s claim of spying has been vindicated. It’s true. The media can ignore it and half of America will continue to ignore them.

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