Woman Removes Six Ribs, To Look Like Cartoon Character – ‘It’s Not For Vanity’ [VIDEO]

Woman Removes Six Ribs, To Look Like Cartoon Character – ‘It’s Not For Vanity’  [VIDEO]

I am a woman. I care about how I look. I want a trim figure with a slim waist, a flat tummy, a perky chest and all of those other things that one would think about when they hear about “beauty standards.” I take care of myself and I take pride in wearing flattering clothes and doing my makeup when I’m going out.

That being said, there are some extremes that women are willing to go to that I simply could not fathom. For instance, 27 year-old Pixiee Fox from North Carolina who has removed six of her ribs, (where do you find a medical professional willing to do that?) liposuction, a procedure to change the color of her eyes and other surgeries to alter her physical appearance.

And she says that it has nothing to do with vanity.

She has said that she is putting herself through all of this so she can look like a cartoon character.

200 operations at a total cost of $677,216.69 to make herself look like a crime-fighting protagonist in a comic book that she hopes to launch soon.

“I don’t do this for vanity,” she said. “I am a pioneer, I am pushing the beauty industry forwards.”

For those wondering, this is how she looked before she went under the knives.

Now this is just my opinion and I’m sure she doesn’t care (not like it matters now anyway), but she was absolutely gorgeous before all of this augmentation.

She’s also stated that she is going to undergo a surgery that she “invented” with a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, but she didn’t elaborate further, only saying that it is going to take place “from the neck up.”

Watch her interview below:

I know this is going to be a bit controversial, but I’m glad this woman is pursuing her ideal body. As long as she is physically healthy and not putting her own life in danger, I’m happy for her. I’m also glad that she’s paying for it herself, because this is not something that I think anyone would be willing to subsidize.

This is definitely not something that I would be interested in doing, so that’s why I’m not. I’m not going to judge her for doing it because I’m one of those live-and-let-live types. I just hope that it doesn’t go too far and end up permanently harming her. I’d like to think the doctors would tell her that, but who knows?

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