CBS Poll Confirms: Obama Is Total Failure

A good, solid B+? That’s not what his subjects say. The libs at CBS News gave the public a chance to grade the community activist they helped install in office. The results should reassure Jimmy Carter that he won’t be known as our worst president for much longer. A plurality is giving The Anointed One an F in every single category:

The Economy
F: 70.22%

Foreign Policy
F: 61.66%

Health Care
F: 81.49%

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F: 31.32%

F: 35.72%

Threat of Terrorism
F: 65.35%

Energy and the Environment
F: 59.00%

Social Issues
F: 57.46%

F: 80.65%

Obama’s Overall Job as President
F: 63.22%

Did I mention that the poll is at CBS News? It looks like even liberals are figuring out that Obama’s election was a catastrophe.

On tips from TED and LouieLouie. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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