Collapsing Science Today: Climate Alarmists In Denial

Poor babies. They have truly lost their way. They say they are interested in the science, but, alas, they are too wrapped up in their failed notion that mankind is mostly or solely the cause of the warming trend that started at the end of the Little Ice Age, and are unable to come to grips. Though, they do flip to their default position of anger, typically the second stage of the 5 stages of grief, so, Peter Foster is certainly getting plenty of hate mail for this op-ed

Those who once called skeptics about catastrophic man-made climate change “deniers” are themselves now in a state of denial as both the science and public opinion shifts against them. Last week, The Globe and Mail carried a combative piece by Gerald Butts, president and CEO of WWF Canada, an organization whose professional alarmism has found its way into the official reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change with nary a trace of “peer review.”

Mr. Butts continues, like Davy Crockett at the Alamo, to defend his lost cause, pointing to media authorities and scientific “consensus.” Intriguingly, and with admirable chutzpah, he cites a recent article in the magazine Nature that points out – which should come as a surprise to nobody – that we are biased in our perceptions: “We see the world as we want to see it, not as it is.”Naturally, this proviso doesn’t apply either to Mr. Butts or to the WWF, but only to their “self-centred” opponents.

But, how could that be? What is driving this?

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One potent but insufficiently noted factor in the climate change issue is that those on the left are inclined to believe in climate change’s “solutions” – greater central control of the economy and redistribution to underdeveloped countries – regardless of climate science. That the policy ends are more important than the scientific facts is obvious from statements by prominent members of the IPCC. For example, Murari Lal, the lead author of the chapter in the 2007 IPCC report in which wildly inaccurate claims about melting Himalayan glaciers appeared, admitted that he knew the information was inaccurate, but “We thought that if we can highlight it, it will impact policy-makers and politicians and encourage them to take some concrete action.”

That is exactly what I, and so many others, have been saying for years, namely, that AGW is about control of economies, countries, and people.


Is it any wonder the “science” is collapsing, when the best they can do is whine about Exxon, as Brave Sir Goracle did on Twitter? And it sure doesn’t help (but does reinforce why we call them alarmists) that some scientist are claiming that jellyfish will replace penguins in Antarctica.

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