DAYS After 49 Slain In Orlando, Obama Hosts THIS Anti-Gay Prince

DAYS After 49 Slain In Orlando, Obama Hosts THIS Anti-Gay Prince

President Obama likes to pretend to be an advocate of the homosexual community. In reality, however, he holds an abysmal record for support. While he has embraced homosexuals for political advantage, he still defends Islam relentlessly (even as they execute homosexuals) and even cozies up to governments where the punishment for homosexuality is death.


From Young Conservatives:

President Obama is tone deaf.

Everyone knows that.

Most of the time he has no idea what’s going on and is operating solely off what is politically expedient at the time.

We were all shocked when 49 people were gunned down at a gay nightclub by an Islamic fundamentalist over the weekend.

What did President Obama do just a few days later?

Oh nothing, just hung around with a prince from a country that executes gays and practices Sharia law.

From BizPac Review:

Less than a week after the Orlando terrorist attack, where an Islamic jihadist killed at least 49 people in a gay night club, President Obama met with princes from Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for its state-sanctioned violence against gays.

Obama hosted youthful Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman today at the White House to apparently discuss the fight against terrorism, according to AFP.

Come on!

No joke.  Saudi Arabia executes gay people and is scared of social media because they think it turns people gay.

When we said we wanted you to take terrorism seriously we didn’t mean disrespect every gay person in the country when you did it!

This guy.

Maybe you have to meet with this guy but do you have to do it the week 49 people are targeted and murdered for being gay?

I bet it didn’t even occur to him that maybe it was a bad look to hang out with the leader of a country that routinely oppresses gay people.

Give me a break.

This is hardly surprising. It’s standard for the hypocritical left. After North Carolina announced that they would protect the rights of employers to keep men in men’s rooms and women in women’s rooms, PayPal declared that they would not be building a center in the state.

Meanwhile, they kept a similar center in Malaysia where the punishment for homosexuality is 20 years hard labor.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton like to pretend to be advocates for the homosexual community. In reality, they are astounding hypocrites.

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