Man Sees Mother And Her Teen Daughter At Gas Station – The Question He Asks Mom? OMG

Man Sees Mother And Her Teen Daughter At Gas Station – The Question He Asks Mom? OMG

After spending ten years of his life in prison for preying upon a teenage girl, a man is now back in prison because of his pursuit of yet another teenage girl. The man offered a mother cash for her 14 year-old daughter. Thankfully, the mom and daughter duo reported it and now he’s back behind bars.


From the Independent Journal:

A fourteen-year-old girl was pumping gas for her mother in Lubbock, Texas when a man approached her with a disturbing proposition.

As KCBD reports, 53-year-old Ricky James Overhulser asked the girl to get in his car. When she refused, he asked a second time. When he asked whether she dated, she knew it was time to head inside and find her mom.

Overhulser propositioned the young girl again as the girl and her mom emerged from the gas station store, going so far as to ask her mother, “How much for your daughter?” while waving cash their way.

The mother yelled back at him and was able to get his license plate as he sped away. She immediately contacted the police.

“The detectives get called to the scene, they immediately go looking for him, try to hunt him down,” Lt. Ray Mendoza tellsKCBD. “We put out a broadcast to all our local officers. We reached out to DPS and the Sheriff’s Department to be on the lookout.”

As it turns out, Overhusler is already a convicted sex offender— he was required to register back in 2000 after he preyed on a sixteen-year-old victim, and he spent 2000-2010 in prison.

Lubbock police were quickly able to locate and arrest the man and charge him with attempt to compel prostitution.

Sadly, our sex offender laws are a mess. Some are “sex offenders” because they publicly urinated in the wrong place. Some are sex offenders because they molested eight year-olds. Unbelievably, this scarlet letter can be applied to both perverts and non-perverts alike.

However, undeniably, a hefty percentage of those who are registered sex offenders are pieces of human garbage who prey upon others.

What this guy thought he could accomplish with his deviancy, I don’t know. I’m just glad that he’s back where he belongs: in prison, where even the lowliest convicts have little patience for these kinds of scumbags.

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