DISGRACEFUL: State Dept Debated What Clothes Response Team Should Wear During Benghazi Attack

DISGRACEFUL: State Dept Debated What Clothes Response Team Should Wear During Benghazi Attack

The question concerning Hillary Clinton should not be whether or not she should receive a job promotion to the highest office in the country; the question should be whether or not she should serve time. In addition to her email scandal, Hillary has blood on her hands from having left Americans to die in Benghazi and then betraying them by helping push a preposterous narrative about a YouTube video. Now, a report has emerged indicating what Hillary and her State Department were concerned about in the early hours of the Benghazi tragedy. Was she figuring out how to rescue Americans? Nope. Instead, the report indicates that the State Department meeting detailed such matters as discussing what the response team should wear.


From Young Conservatives:

Republicans released their final Benghazi report today and it was full of plenty of reasons why Hillary Clinton should never be president.

There were many shocking details in the report such as the confirmation that Hillary misled the American people about the YouTube video.

However, there was another bombshell that is getting attention and it might be the most despicable yet.

From Townhall:

For some reason, the Obama administration was having a debate over apparel while Americans were fighting for their lives in Benghazi, Libya. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), a member of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, revealed as much to radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday morning before the committee released its final report.

Combat Marines were ordered in and out of uniform four times before finally launching their rescue effort, Pompeo explained. Apparently the State Department was worried about optics.

“The State Department didn’t want it to look like it was an invasion of Libya,” he said. “They were hypersensitive to looking like there were Americans coming into Libya when this was truly a terrorist haven. Somehow, they had this idea that a big American force in uniform would present some risk that the Libyans would protest, because we were invading their country. In fact, the military folks knew that that wasn’t going to help keep our soldiers safe. And there was this debate back and forth about what the appropriate attire was for going to rescue Americans while our embassy was burning and mortars were falling in Benghazi.”


Can you imagine what the families of the dead Americans would say about this?

Hillary bungled her Libyan foreign policy in every way and it cost four Americans their lives.

On top of that, she showed no remorse and pretty much told people that it didn’t matter.

It is clear to anyone who has followed this story that help could have been sent that would have made a difference and the fact these men were left to fend for themselves is just awful.

Can you imagine such negligence? Imagine the outrage you would feel if you were waiting inside a burning house to be rescued and you discovered that the firemen were still at the firehouse arguing over what attire to wear.

Similarly, Americans remained trapped in Benghazi amidst a superior force of terrorists attacking American soil and not only did the State Department do nothing to help, but focused on the minute, insignificant details of attire.

Pathetic and outrageous.

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