She Starved Her 5 Year-Old Stepson to Death & The Judge Responded by Doing This

She Starved Her 5 Year-Old Stepson to Death & The Judge Responded by Doing This

It’s bad enough for someone to kill a child, but this woman did it in a particularly cruel way: she starved him to death. And now, she’s been sentenced to 99 years in prison.

crystal williams

From KSAT:

An outburst of applause and shouts of approval rang out in Judge Ron Rangel’s courtroom Tuesday after he read the jury’s punishment verdict in the trial of Crystal Williams.

Williams plead guilty last week to charges of injury to a child, serious bodily injury, by omission, in the death of her 5-year-old stepson, Josiah Williams.

The child was found unresponsive in the family’s Gayle Street home two days after Christmas 2012.

During testimony in the punishment phase of Williams’ trial, the medical examiner said the boy died of “prolonged malnutrition and physical abuse.”

“When Josiah died he probably thought that, ‘I’m dying unloved and I’m dying alone,’” prosecutor Stephanie Boyd told the jury during closing arguments.

She asked the jury for a life sentence.

Williams’ attorney Raymond Martinez argued that life in prison was not appropriate.

“When she entered her plea what she’s telling you is, ‘I accept my role in this, just give me a fair shake. Just be fair with me in punishment,’” Martinez said during closing arguments.

Following sentencing, the child’s family was allowed to address Williams.

“A child died in your arms – in your care – our baby Josiah,” Barbara Perez, the child’s cousin, said. “You stole him. Dogs in the street are better mothers.”

Williams must serve 30 years in prison, day-for-day, before she is eligible for parole.

This woman should never be eligible for parole. A person who could slowly kill someone by starving them to death is a monster who doesn’t deserve freedom.

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