Disgusted Cops Let Obama Know Exactly How They Feel By Doing THIS During Speech [VIDEO]

Disgusted Cops Let Obama Know Exactly How They Feel By Doing THIS During Speech [VIDEO]

The Dallas Police Department is clearly not impressed with Obama’s failed attempt at providing a memorial speech for our fallen heroes. Who can blame them? Everything he had to say gave zero hope of justice and no sign of change for the better to be expected. A disgusting excuse for a leader.


If you can make it through this small portion of his speech, you will see just how disinterested Dallas PD was with Obama’s asinine speech. The man makes me sick.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this. Here is what some other folks have said…

TheValveFan Andy Volk1 day ago
Obama is a disgrace to this nation. Every country hates us and mocks us because of these career politicians! Trump 2016

Raya Porter1 day ago
Lying fork tongued serpent silky smooth words of evil!!! I so hate this miscreant but I fear he will not go away quietly

RobPaul1 day ago

captguy14u1 day ago
Divide and CONQUER !….

obsidianet1 day ago
Peaceful protest my ass. When ranchers protest peacefully, you authorize the FBI to gun them down. #JusticeforLavoy

Sheila Cooper1 day ago
When President Bush spoke today, I really missed having a president!!

Successor1231 day ago
One day you will all finally realize just how big a fools Obama has played you for when you learn that BLM has been Obama’s creation from the beginning!

I was repulsed by the fact that the poor and grieving families had to sit and listen to a political speech about Black Lives Matter and hear about Alton Sterling and Fernando Castille three times! It was suppose to be about the deceased officers and this political rant had no place at a memorial service! He showed himself, once again, to be an UNdignified DISgrace!

Obama is a huge festering boil on America’s skin!

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