Lebron James Destroys ‘Black Lives Matter’: ‘It’s Time to Look in the Mirror…’ [VIDEO]

Lebron James Destroys ‘Black Lives Matter’: ‘It’s Time to Look in the Mirror…’ [VIDEO]

What is golden about Lebron’s words is he doesn’t butcher the cops, nor does he butcher #BlackLivesMatter. Lebron does not choose to take a side, but chooses to offer a solution. He takes the time to address the needs of the community as a whole and implores celebrities to get into the trenches with their communities, go back and use their resources to institute change for good. Check this out.


Award shows and obnoxious political statements sometimes go hand in hand. Last night at the ESPYs was a pleasant surprise. The show opened with a discussion of the recent shootings in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Minnesota. But then Lebron James asked a simple question of the celebrities in the audience: “What are you doing?”

From Louder with Crowder:

Lebron is encouraging his fellow sports stars, who roll in fat stacks of cash like it’s a detoxification bath, to stop with the virtue signaling, take a golden plane ride home, and invest in the areas from which they came to foster healthy relationships with the people in that community. Lebron didn’t say (he didn’t need to say), that people everywhere need better attitudes.

In fact Lebron’s message was similar to David Brown, the Chief of Police in Dallas. Stop protesting, start contributing to the solution.

Wise words.

But likely, Lebron will be chastised for not calling all cops racist dingleberries. Because that’s what #BlackLivesMatter does…

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