Does Barack Obama Really Deserve Any Credit For Killing Bin Laden?

Short answer; Yes.

Longer answer….George W. Bush deserves credit for starting our programs that targeted Bin Laden. All the programs we’re running now (at least the ones we know about) were either continued from the Bush administration or they were expanded from ongoing operations.

Of course, our intelligence agencies deserve a lot of credit and so does our military because it carried out the operation. Without their knowledge, skill, patience, and courage, this could have never happened. We will never be able to repay the debt that we owe to the heroes that are risking their lives to protect our nation.

Also, you have to give the devil his due — Barack Obama is Commander-In-Chief. He kept the hunt going for Bin Laden, he apparently gave the order, and the buck does ultimately stop with him.

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Moreover, fair is fair. We conservatives unhesitatingly gave credit to George W. Bush when our troops greased terrorists on his watch. Had Osama been shot in the head on W.’s watch, we would have given him credit. Obama didn’t cancel those programs. If anything, he ramped them up.

So, when it’s all said and done, Obama may be a disaster domestically and, yes, it’s fair to refer to his foreign policy as amateur hour, but this is a big win for him and for the American people.

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