The Twitter Reaction To Osama Bin Laden’s Death Last Night

The Twitter Reaction To Osama Bin Laden’s Death Last Night

Here are a few intriguing tweets from last night in reaction to the news that Osama Bin Laden had finally, after all this time, become a good man.

If Osama Bin Laden is dead, does this mean we stop killing Afghan civilians? #p2 #p2ca #cdnpoli #NATO — AntoniaZ

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump demands Osama Bin Laden’s death certificate. — Brian_GriffinFG

No one approved of his actions, but celebrating the death of a human being is wrong. Way to stoop to his level. #obl #osamabinladen — cindyragab

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Ya know whats awesome about all this? It’ll never be “too soon” for Osama jokes. — CnservativePunk

Holy cow, Obama gave his comedy routine last night JUST after ordering Osama killed? #superbadass #obl #p2 — existentialfish

PLEASE tell me “Handling #Osama ‘s body according to Muslim tradition” is a euphemism for “Bacon-stuffed piñata” #tcot — Hawthorne

Really, is there a single person saying, “Oh, they’re handling Osama’s corpse by Islamic tradition? Good; I was worried about that.”? — IMAO

Bin Laden’s death is such great news that there are probably libs who are proud of their country for the 1st time tonight. — johnhawkinsrwn

“Because of a program I’ve put in place, Osama is now spread over a two county area in Pakistan.” — Obama soon — johnhawkinsrwn

This the first day of the Taliban’s spring offensive. Not off to a great start. Lol — johnhawkinsrwn

I am celebrating Osama’s death. He was our enemy and needed killing. I only regret that he got to live for so long. — johnhawkinsrwn

Tomorrow, we get conservatives who are pissy that this helps Obama politically vs. grumpy this is a cycle of violence libs — johnhawkinsrwn

Just for the record: Twitter was faster than Fox in getting out the news that Bin Laden has reached room temperature. — johnhawkinsrwn

Success has a thousand fathers. And a corpse. — JonHenke

Wow, can’t believe Osama thought that royal wedding invite was for real. — KingJamesVrsn

MMFlint: From @Oprah : Does this mean the war is over? (Yes, say it is so, Mr. President.)

Hey, it looks like there is a military solution to terrorism after all. Go figure. — NoahPollak

R.I.P Osama Bin Laden – World Hide And Go Seek Champion (2001 – 2011) — NZAfro

A part of me hopes some Afghani kid gets to make this announcement to his country about Bush et al. thirty years from now. | #binladen #p2 — sgravn

RT @Mr_popular: I bet Osama Bin Laden accidentally hit the “Add your location” button during his last tweet. — SocratesGuillen

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