Guerilla Revolt Against Obamunism in Rich Liberal SoCal Enclaves

The struggle to save America from progressive authoritarianism is an ideological war. Since the enemy has taken control of the media and education in addition to the government, patriots must fight using guerilla tactics, just as when the country was founded. These days guerilla tactics don’t entail leveling a musket at Redcoats from the cover of the forest, but look more like this:


Obama has been in this area (L.A.) to play golf and enjoy the nice weather while the economic, international, and personal liberty situations continue to deteriorate.

American Thinker weighs in:

According to, dozens of posters of President Obama with a golf club and a caption “Sub Par” have been spotted outside the PGA’s golf tournament near the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, as well as near Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica, California, all of them upscale and liberal enclaves.

A quick web search discovered a number of other locations in LA with “Sub Par” posters pasted over signal boxes, hanging from the wires and lampposts on busy intersections, glued to park benches, and even attached as small stickers to the walls of public bathrooms. This bears all the marks of an anonymous guerilla street art action by local artists.

Looks like Exene Cervenka isn’t the only Angeleno to figure out that with the Left fully in charge and using its power to smother the human spirit, rebels belong on the Right.

Obamunist establishmentarians had better brace themselves for more of the same:

Today’s truly rebellious, free-thinking, edgy and cool, counter-culture anti-establishment movement is entirely on the right of the political spectrum. The Left may try to obfuscate this reality, attempting to paint the Right as agents of the oppressive state, but in the end the truth always wins. It happened everywhere the Left held the power, and it will happen in America, too.

But the truth needs our help. We need to spread this notion, especially among the young people: Right is cool. Liberty is cool. Independence is cool. If your young heart desires idealism and adventure, sabotage the oppressive leftist establishment! If you want to hang out with free thinkers and non-conformists, join the Tea Party!

If you doubt the Tea Party is where to find the true rebels in our society, just watch their lips curl when apparatchiks in the government and media are forced to acknowledge it.

There is a downside to taking over the establishment, especially for those whose ideology is based on coercion. It alienates those who are most creative, and therefore most effective in a war of ideas and perceptions.


On tips from Sam Adams and Bob Roberts. Hat tips: Sad Hill News, LA Taco, Washington Free Beacon, PJ Media. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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