Has Disney Taken Over Management Of The White House?

Perhaps President Obama was replaced with one of those animatronic figures they have in the Hall Of Presidents (there really is one of him). Though, and I dearly hate to put it this way, based on the way the White House is acting, they might be an extension of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (maybe I should start using some of those old POTC graphics I used as headers a few years ago?)

President Barack Obama’s pollster said the healthcare bill will win over public support once it becomes law despite polls showing Americans against the plan.

The argument by Joel Benenson, Obama’s lead pollster, rests on a chunk of Americans who now oppose the bill supporting it after it’s passed. Benenson said that group — which is anywhere from a tenth to a third of Americans, according surveys by CNN and Ipsos — is skeptical of the bill because it doesn’t go far enough.

Uh huh

  • “Here, drink this whole bottle of Jagermeister, you’ll love it once you’re done.”
  • “Stick your tongue to the metal poll, you’ll love it.”
  • “Elect Stalin/Hitler/Kim Jong Il! You’ll never look back!
  • “I have syphilis. Let’s have sex.”
  • “Eat the cat poop sandwich. You’ll thank me for it”

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OK, the last one was extremely gross, but, that is where 44% of the people are, with 48% against eating poop.

Doug Ross: What’s their endgame? Even a simpleton or a Democrat (but I repeat myself), would admit that it has nothing to do with health care. It’s a political calculation: Democrats are willing to lose Congress in November if they can create a brand new unfunded entitlement that will cement the power of government over the citizen.

Another Black Conservative: I have to hand it to this administration though; they can say the craziest things with such a straight face. After they are shown the door in 2012, they should all look into theatrical jobs. Provided there are still be some theatrical jobs left by then, if not Obama can just create or save a few.

Dennis the Peasant: So, if effect, what we have here is the Herpes Argument: You may not have wanted it, but now that you actually have it, you might as well learn to love it

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