Leftist The Nation magazine: When In Doubt, Blame Bush. Again

Leftist <em>The Nation</em> magazine: When In Doubt, Blame Bush. Again

It seems that math, cooking and basic home economics aren’t the only things with which Katrina Vanden Heuvel has trouble. I wrote about her inability to function at those household basics yesterday, here. Well, it appears that the reality-challenged Vanden Heuvel, Editor of The Nation magazine, also isn’t a very good, you know, Editor.

.. the editor of The Nation might well be looking at GOP success as her best shot at salvaging the sinking fortunes of her far-left magazine.

A recent article in Vanity Fair–which no one would accuse shilling for the right–is entitled: Hate Sells: Why Liberal Magazines Are Suffering Under Obama. It details how circulation at The Nation has been dropping significantly since Pres. Obama took office.: :  I was prompted to research the magazine’s numbers when, watching Larry O’Donnell guest-hosting Countdown this evening, a Nation commercial appeared that consisted largely of a trip down liberal nostalgia lane: Bush bashing . .

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When in doubt, or rather, in humiliating, massive decline, Blame Bush â„¢ ! It kind of takes the wind out of the whole “we inherited our problems from Bush” meme, however, when things were better for you when Bush was in office!

Of course, things like facts and reason hold no water with media leftists,:  like Vanden Heuvel. Which is why they’ll never “get” it.:  See for yourself:

A partial transcript of the ad, via Newsbusters, reveals the depth of her denial.

“The reign of ignorance is over: brains is [sic] back in the White House, and so is the weekly journal which predicted the entire Bush debacle from Day One . . . Don’t delay: look where not reading The Nation got him [as image of W appears].

Oh my! Forgive me while I gather myself from off the floor, where I had collapsed in a fit of giggles – brains are back in the White House? Oh, bless your heart. That tired, old Republicans are rubes, Democrats are super smart mantra, huh?:  Hint, Katrina: No one believes that. Your Harvard/Smarter Than Us President â„¢ , Barack Obama, has proven himself to be nothing but an empty suit.

You see, we “average Americans” aren’t stupid. We can think for ourselves. And, although you’ve made it quite clear that you don’t care, I will tell you what we think. We prefer people who act, instead of blathering on incessantly in a condescending manner. We prefer people who do, in practice and not just in allegedly intellectual theory. We prefer people who have actually achieved more than the writing of two books – about themselves. Using ghost writers.

Your golden boy and his fellow Liberals have failed. Miserably. Even many Democrats are realizing that now. Yet you and your magazine still persist on being water carrying sycophants for him, while incessantly mocking Sarah Palin, to the point where your editors even wrote a book whose sole purpose was to mock her and her book. I’m sorry that high school was apparently rough on y’all, but no need to subject us all to your childish slam books. Grow up.

You also continuously and constantly both demagogue and ridicule (that is quite a feat):  average citizens who dare to attend town halls or tea parties to voice their frustrations with, and disapproval of ,the government meant to serve them (and not the other way around).

Light bulb, Katrina: THAT is why your magazine is failing.:  See? And I didn’t even need a fancy pants Summit to figure that out. You’re welcome!

(I know you won’t listen to a dumb rube like I, so I’ll also take this chance to respond to your magazine’s eventual folding: Good riddance!)


Originally posted at David Horowitz’s NewsReal

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