Homeowner Tells People Outraged By Obama Sign: ‘It’s A Joke, Get Over It!’ [PHOTOS]

Homeowner Tells People Outraged By Obama Sign: ‘It’s A Joke, Get Over It!’ [PHOTOS]

People have the right to freely express themselves — but when that expression is controversial, people suddenly forget about the whole right to free speech thing. One homeowner posted a sign that has some people outraged, but he isn’t backing down and he won’t be intimidated.

A photo of the sign spread like wildfire on the Internet after it was posted on Reddit by user SusanBAnthony. It looks like the kind of sign that you would typically see in front of a business, but in this case, it was hung in front of someone’s home.

Allegedly found in Massachusetts, the sign pokes fun at both Barack Obama and Caitlyn — originally known as Bruce — Jenner.

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Unsurprisingly, people were furious.

“That’s not trashy, it’s a failed attempt at humor fueled by blind partisanship garnished with a dash of ignorance,” one Redditor wrote. “You have a sign where you can share anything you want with the world, and you put this?” another asked.

Other people just thought the sign itself was odd, considering it’s not the kind of display you typically see in front of someone’s home. “I’ve never seen a sign where you slide in the letters, in front of someones house before,” a user wrote. “I mean stores and businesses yes, but it’s weird to see it on someones lawn.”

Still others were shocked that this sign was found in Massachusetts — presumed liberal territory — rather than in the Bible belt or midwestern flyover country. But despite the public controversy, the homeowner refused to take down the sign.

It’s not much of a surprise that liberals would be so offended over a sign. After all, Democrats aren’t known for being particularly thick-skinned, or for having a sense of humor. No wonder a snarky sign hung in someone’s yard would have them throwing a collective hissy fit.

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